Stuart approached us when he was in the process of setting up his new business. His new venture offers support and direction to people to help them improve their lives, whether through diet and fitness to help them reach a personal goal or through mentoring to help someone overcome addiction or personal circumstances.

Although there was some overlap between these services, Stuart needed to create a main logo and two sub-brands that would help to seperate the identities and appeal to wider audiences.

As Stuart was setting up using his own name we explored using his initials to create an icon which could work across both brands – here’s the result.




Stuart @ Stuart Brooks:
I approached Olive Tree Creative after a recommendation, I was starting a new business and needed to create a logo that could be used across two separate functions and so Vicky created a main brand that we could then tailor to each of these functions.

I was really impressed with the way Vicky worked and having something that looked professional and fitted with my business made me feel more confident when I was starting out. Even though I have been using my logo for a while now I still get positive comments on it when I meet new clients and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Olive Tree Creative to anyone else.